Made is an exhibition on Stockholm Furniture Fair 2014 created by students from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design. We are exhibiting 14 pieces of furniture, designed by selected students. All of the pieces were developed in a project called “The New Textile Furniture” and that has resulted in 14 very different pieces of furniture; some are experimenting with the opportunities of the textile material, some are based on the anatomy of the human body and others are exploring the limits of the definition of textile.
Our exhibition on Stockholm Furniture Fair is called “Made” because all of the furniture are made by … made of … made in … made with … By this we mean that the furniture comes from somewhere, it has a history and a depth beyond the visible. They are made by a person, someone who put a lot of effort, thoughts and passion into the making of the furniture. On our exhibition we want to point out the personalities of the furniture by using textile, textile symbols and objects from the process.
We are located in the Greenhouse,

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